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Tue Mar 13, 2007
Well, to say things change is a understatement. Things are still very good here, just going through many changes. Not much I can really get into here, but def changes. Can't really say if they are for the better, worse, or no change at all. I just know I've been getting used to a different way of thinking and reacting. All I can say is if everything turns out the way I 'hope' it does then I think it will all be better for it. I just wish I had a little more control and knowledge of everything. For the first time in a long time I find myself handing over control to someone else and sort of sitting back for the ride. Those that know me know that is not something I normally do or am comfortable with. I only hope they realize this.
In other news, work is going well. Was a bit worried that I might have to transfer due to contracts, but it seems that has all been straightened out and I will be staying there. This is a good thing cause for the most part I like people and I def like the work. Rayna is doing well, though I'm sure she gets lonely when I am work or out. So I've been thinking of getting her a friend from the local pound. Just not sure if I want to deal wit ha puppy so i would prob get something with a few years on it. Plus, those need the rescue the most. I shall play it by ear and see. It would probable be just a spur of the moment weekend thing where I decide to go looking.

Hope all is well with everyone and please keep in touch!

"Drama is life with the dull bits cut out."